Postpartum Week Three

Week 3Okay so I've got a bit carried away doing mum things and obsessing over my little girl so I'm just going to have to tell you what I remember from week three! Week three was the best week by far! I'd gotten into the swing of things and was fairly confident doing everything on … Continue reading Postpartum Week Three

Postpartum Week Two

Week 2The second week is pretty much the same as the first, our little baby is beautiful and I love being a mum but I'm still in constant pain. I'm having salt baths once a day to help the pain and healing, I'm still to scared to look or touch anything. I'm finding it really … Continue reading Postpartum Week Two

Postpartum Week One

Week 1My back pain is unbearable, walking, moving, sitting, everything is hard! I thought she'd come out and I'd be back to normal but I was very wrong! I still look pregnant and I can't believe how much blood there is and how painful it is to pee! I've been drinking lots of water to … Continue reading Postpartum Week One

Being Induced

So I had an appointment to be induced at 8:30am this morning (May 22nd) from what the midwife had told us they put you on a drip which starts your labour. So I assumed we'd be in in the morning, on the drip and have our baby girl today! But so far I'm wrong, I … Continue reading Being Induced

Goodbye Bump!

I am three days over our due date and going in for a sweep tomorrow, I started having contractions Friday night (my due date) and had them all day Saturday getting progressively worse and then around ten o'clock at night they just stopped and sunday was totally uneventful! It's now Monday and I can't believe … Continue reading Goodbye Bump!

Due Date!

I can't not believe that today is my due date! I can't believe I've made it this far and she's not here! I am absolutely huge and EVERYTHING hurts! Anyone thinking of having a baby here are some things that no one told me would happen! I have over separated hips and have for a … Continue reading Due Date!

Growth Scans

Okay so the last time I posted was a while ago I know! I was ment to keep you all updated with the growth scans and how things were going but getting everything ready and still working full time got away with me! But I am finally going on maternity leave! The hospital said I … Continue reading Growth Scans

Moonstone Magic!

Drew got me a surprise for Valentine's Day that got delivered a few days late with it coming from overseas. I could tell he was disappointed it wasn't here and he left me a clue in my card to guess what it was which I was awful at and didn't guess. The parcel arrived Saturday … Continue reading Moonstone Magic!

Valentines Day! ❤️

Okay so I'm a little late with my Valentine's Day post but I'm normally late for everything anyway so no change there! For Valentine's Day, we decided to do nothing which was perfect. The amount of money we're spending on doing the house up before the baby arrives and all the baby things we have … Continue reading Valentines Day! ❤️

Pregnancy Cravings!

In the early weeks of my pregnancy I couldn't really eat anything, I was super ill and I spent most of my time lay on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself and I had absolutely no appetite. The only thing I could stomach was ready salted crisps and I had to add extra salt, … Continue reading Pregnancy Cravings!